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Released on January 31, 2019

Mixed and mastered by Jason Carter at

Wavelength Studio, Salem, OR, USA

Produced by Jason Carter and Vandor

Cover Artwork by Vincent Wennerström


1. Dark Times
2. Wrath of the Night
3. Beneath the Sky
4. Warriors of Time
5. Possessive Eyes
6. Uncover the Earth
7. Serving Their Needs
8. With Bleeding Hands I Stand
9. The Land of Vandor
10. In the Shadows
11. Possessive Eyes [Acoustic Version] (CD bonus track)

Vide Bjerde - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitars,

backing vocals, keyboards, booklet layout

Jack L. Stroem - Lead guitars, rhythm guitar, backing vocals,

keyboards, additional lead vocals,

Alve Bjerde - Bass, backing vocals, fretless bass

Robin Risander - Drums

Uno Rosengren - Keyboards

Drums on track 8 - August Svärdström

Additional lead vocals on track 6 - Anja Hedenskog

In the Land of Vandor


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