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Vandor was Formed in 2015 by brothers Vide & Alve Bjerde after years of playing local gigs under different band names, dreaming to play in a Power Metal band. Shortly after the name Vandor was adopted, solo artist Jack L. Stroem was recruited and Vandor as we know them today, was formed.


Despite resorting to stand-in musicians and not having released any music publicly, Vandor was able to play at some of the most popular rock clubs in Sweden. This also gave Vandor a chance to cherry pick the music that was going to be featured on their debut LP “In the Land of Vandor” that was released independently on January 31, 2019. The LP was praised for its fresh take on the Classic European Power Metal-sound.


After releasing “In the Land of Vandor” the group set sights to reach new audiences by playing both in the UK & opening for Sonata Arctica. It was also during the fall of 2019 that Vandor released the fan favourite “Well of Salvation” which features a guest appearance by Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Majestica) on Lead Guitar.


2020 put the world on halt but it did not stop Vide, Alve & Jack who were ready to enter the studio again and work on their sophomore LP “On a Moonlit Night” 

In early 2021 a deal was written in inc with Italian record company Scarlet Records for “On a Moonlit Night”


What happens next in the land of Vandor...? Find out July 16th

Vide Bjerde - Lead vocals, Guitar

Jack L. Stroem - Lead guitar, Backing vocals

Alve Bjerde - Bass, Backing vocals

The band

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